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Chesapeake Bay Foundation: Saving a National Treasure
A white egret wades through a wetland in front of a wooden dock.


CBF's Weekly Newsletter

Special Series

Dear Friend of the Bay,

It’s been another busy week at CBF! In addition to celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with the below stories and videos, we’ve moved full steam ahead on important advocacy and litigation initiatives for clean water.

On Tuesday, after the Trump administration repealed the Clean Water Rule, which provided robust protections for wetlands and replaced it with a weaker version, CBF and ShoreRivers announced plans to sue the administration. We will be as relentless as ever as we take our fight to protect the Clean Water Act and the watershed’s wetlands to court. Stay tuned for how you can help.

Also this week, we welcomed Shannon Gority to the team! As CBF’s new Executive Director of Pennsylvania, Shannon will work hard with partners and staff to get Pennsylvania back on track toward meeting its Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint goals.

On Thursday, we again participated in a Congressional briefing, alongside aquaculture partners, advocating for more support of oyster farming efforts—especially in the age of COVID-19. In case you missed it, here our ways you, too, can support aquaculture efforts even from home.

In other news, the baby goslings that had taken up residence on CBF’s Merrill Center osprey platform, took their first flight this week!

Thank you for standing with us in these difficult times, now and always. And please enjoy this week’s Bay stories and resources. Be safe, healthy, and well.

—Emmy Nicklin, Director of Digital Communications

P.S. Don’t forget: Celebrate Earth Week and Arbor Day with us! With a gift of $50 or more, you’ll receive five native tree seedlings to plant in your backyard or community.

Bringing the Bay Home

Uplifting and educational Bay stories, inspirational videos, and more to bring the Bay home to you and your loved ones.

A pelican flies above marshland. Bob Miller

All About Earth Day

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we’ve put together a slew of engaging stories for you. From a special Earth Day playlist to ways you can keep your volunteer spirit alive at home in the age of COVID-19 to 50 reasons why we love our Bay courtesy of Bay lovers around the region, these blogs help you celebrate all there is to love about our Earth and our Bay.

Screenshot of 'How to Plant a Bare Root Tree' video. CBF Staff

VIDEO: How to Plant a Bare Root Tree

CBF’s Virginia Watershed Restoration Scientist Matt Kowalski shows us how to plant a bare root tree! It’s not only a great way to combat stay-at-home boredom—it’s the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day! Matt provides helpful tips and tricks to make sure your seedling grows into a healthy and beautiful tree.

A stream winds through a forest. Justin Black

Webinar: Clean Water Grows on Trees

Trees not only cleanse our air and provide shade, they play a crucial role in cleaning up our rivers and streams. In this week’s webinar, Harry Campbell, CBF Pennsylvania Science Policy and Advocacy Director, and Brenda Sieglitz, Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership Manager, discussed the connection between clean water and trees and ways you can support both cleaner water and healthy trees from home.

Learn Outside, Learn at Home

Our new initiative to provide students, teachers, and parents with valuable, curriculum-based resources to connect with the Bay and its rivers while at home.

Illustration of cows standing in stream. CBF Staff

The Watershed Journey of a Raindrop

In a beautifully illustrated video courtesy of our multi-talented educators, we explore the journey of Rio the raindrop as he falls to the land near the Appalachian Mountains and travels through streams and rivers on his way downhill to the Chesapeake Bay. Make sure to check out our How Does the Land Affect the Water? Investigation after watching to put your knowledge to the test!

A bald eagle sits on a log beside a stream. Debra Brown

Nature Journaling: A Celebration of Earth

Our latest set of nature journal prompts are devoted to Earth Week! They will inspire you to tune into the natural world, think about your core values and connection to nature, and offer concrete actions to stand up for our planet. Our nature journal activities are perfect for parents looking to occupy their students stuck at home or teachers conducting virtual lessons.

A spring peeper sits on a leaf. Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program

Spring Peepers

On spring nights in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, a chorus of high-pitched peeps rings out from marshy woodlands and swamps. Join CBF Educator Liz Glaston as she tracks down the source—a tiny tree frog called the northern spring peeper. Then check out our Spring Peepers Investigation. Make sure to keep an eye on our Student Investigations and Activities page for more!

What You Can Do

  • Calling all Virginians! The “most important fish in the sea” needs our help once more. Take action to stand up for menhaden!
  • Though we might be stuck at home, there are plenty of things you can still do in your daily life to help save the Bay. Find out more when you sign our Save the Bay pledge!
  • Our webinar series continues next Thursday as our senior legal and science experts discuss climate change. Join us!
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Header Image: Miles Wong
Chesapeake Bay Foundation: Saving a National Treasure

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