Riparian Restoration - Monocacy River Watershed

Saturday, April 7, 2018
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Frederick County


Come help CBF plant over 1,000 trees and shrubs along Linganore Creek on a beef cattle farm in Frederick County. The farmer is in the process of fencing cattle from the stream and volunteers will restore this area to a forested stream buffer. Approximately 3,000 feet of stream banks will be planted resulting is five acres of new riparian buffer.

The farm is in the process of converting to a regenerative grass-based farm where cattle are rotationally grazed on pastures. This helps sequester carbon in the soil, which in turn contributes to remediating climate change and improving water quality.

Linganore Creek is in the Monocacy River watershed, which flows to the Potomac River and then to the Chesapeake Bay.

This project is part of CBF's partnership with WGL Energy and Sterling Planet to sequester carbon through restoring forested stream buffers. The Frederick County Soil Conservation District provided technical assistance on the stream fencing and pasture establishment. The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation provided funding for the stream fencing and part of the water troughs. WGL Energy and Sterling Planet provided funding for the plant material.

We're sorry, the deadline for registering for this event has passed.